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Gain the confidence that comes from knowing all aspects of your financial health are being skillfully addressed.

Your Winning Combination

If your advisor and your CPA aren’t talking, each is only getting half the story.

What if your personal trainer was also your private chef? It would be so easy to eat healthy. Now imagine if your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ was also a CPA. At Wagner Financial Services, we may not be able to help with getting you physically healthy, but we can make sure you are financially fit. That’s because we can create a financial plan and manage your wealth in a way that seeks to optimize growth and minimize taxes.

A 360º View

Our founder, Marc Wagner, has been both a CFP® and a CPA for decades. He started Wagner Financial Services with the belief that you can’t do the best financial planning without taking taxes into consideration. We believe our two-pronged approach to planning can lead to more inspired results.

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Guiding You Through Life's Transitions

Wagner Financial Services offers the full spectrum of financial services, including financial planning, retirement solutions, education funding, estate planning, and tax planning, for individuals, families, and businesses.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

A strategic plan to help you prepare for your financial future.

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Retirement Planning

A clear roadmap to support your desired retirement lifestyle.

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Our Values

Education Planning

A plan to meet the expenses associated with higher education.

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Estate Planning

A strategy to help minimize estate taxes and protect your assets for future generations.

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Optimize Every Dollar

Optimize Every Dollar

Crafting a strategy that helps you grow your money and build security requires a team that understands not just your future goals, but also your financial past. We look at your past tax statements and account documents to identify patterns. Our team uses that information to find opportunities that suit your saving and investment style.

Turn Dreams Into Plans

When Marc Wagner was 16 years old, he dreamed of becoming a cowboy. Today, he is living that dream. Let us help put you on the path to reaching your aspirations.

Make the Next Phase
Your Best Phase

Wagner Financial Services offers years of experience and an array of solutions to help you prepare for everything that comes next.

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